Extract of the spatial development plan for the town of Zawadzkie, enacted by resolution No. VIII / 53/19 of the Municipal Council in Zawadzkie of June 24, 2019 (Official Journal of the Opolskie Voivodeship of 2019, item 2273) regarding investment area.

§ 26. Areas marked on the plan with symbols 1 – 9P, U – areas of production facilities, warehouses and service buildings, for which:
1) basic designation: production buildings
, warehouses, service buildings, equipment generating energy from solar cells with a capacity exceeding 100 kW;
2) supplementary designation
: arranged green areas, accompanying facilities, commutes and access points, technical infrastructure devices, parking spaces;
3) principles of building forms
and land development indicators:
a) minimum building intensity: 0.1,
b) maximum building intensity: 0.8,
c) maximum building area: 80% of the buildings
d) minimum share of biologically active area: 10% of the building
e) maximum building height: 15 m,
f) minimum area of ​​newly allocated building
plots of 1000 sqm;
4) an order to make flat or symmetrical gable roofs with roof pitch 5-20º, with permissible deviations for elements such as: lighting elements in attics;
5) in the event of reconstruction or extension of existing buildings:
a) allowing the existing roof geometry and the existing roof slope angle in the event of reconstruction or extension of buildings not meeting the requirements of point 4,
b) an order to use the same angle of inclination of the roof slopes of the existing and added parts, with the exception of elements such as: lighting in attics, roofs, sheds, vestibules,
c) an order to use homogeneous material and homogeneous roofing colors in the existing and added parts of the building;
6) dimensions of the facilities:
a) minimum length of the facade of basic buildings: 3 m,
b) minimum facade length or minimum horizontal dimension of other facilities, excluding technical infrastructure devices: 1 m;
7) for areas or parts of areas located in the area of ​​particular flood risk, come into force: § 8 p
aragraph 4 and § 10 point 4;
8) percentage rate for the fee referred to in art. 36 paragraph 4 of the
Area Development Plan, in the amount of 30%.