The Zawadzkie Municipality is located in the eastern part of the Opolskie Voivodeship, at an altitude of 210 – 240 m a.s.l., on the left bank of the Mała Panew River. The neighborhood: north – Dobrodzień and Pawonków boroughs, east – the Śląskie Voivodeship, west – Jemielnica borough and north-east – Kolonowskie borough.

The area of ​​the municipality is about 82.2 sqm (0.9% of the voivodship’s area), including the area of ​​the town is about 16.5 sqm (20% of the commune’s area). In the interconnected urbanization system along the axis, which is provincial road No. 901 (Olesno – Dobrodzień – Zawadzkie – Wielowieś – Pyskowice – Gliwice), in the municipality, apart from the town of Zawadzkie, there are two villages: Żędowice and Kielcza.

The municipality has about 12,000 inhabitants, of which about 8,000 in the town.
The population density is about 150 people / sqm and is higher than the regional average of about 115 people / sqm.

In terms of physical and geographical distribution, the municipality is located in the macroregion of the Silesian Lowland, in the eastern part of the Opole Plain mesoregion, on the Mała Panew River. The following subordinate regional division units have been established in the area:

• Mała Panew Valley – covering the northern and eastern part of the municipality. It consists of a set of Holocene and Pleistocene river terraces of Mała Panew with numerous meanders and oxbow lakes in the post-part and dunes on forested Pleistocene terraces.

• Baruckie Hills – covering the southwestern, forested part of the municipality. A characteristic feature of the hills is the imposition of numerous dune hills on the low and hypsometrically diversified shaft of glacial formations.

• Kielcza Plain – covering the south-eastern part of the municipality. The plain in the south, covered with small thickness of glacial formations, at the former PGR Napłatki (Wielowieś borough), borders the macroregion of the Silesian Upland and its mesoregion Chełm.
Regardless of the adopted geographical and physical division of the analyzed areas, a characteristic feature of the Zawadzkie municipality is its border location at the intersection of three large regional geographical and physical divisions of Poland (one lowland and two highlands), which has consequences in the state of values ​​and resources of animate and inanimate nature.

The communication and transport systems in the Zawadzkie municipality is created by the network of voivodship, district and commune roads as well as the Tarnowskie Góry – Zawadzkie – Fosowskie – Opole rail route.

The main axis of road infrastructure are three voivodship roads:
No. 901 Olesno – Dobrodzień – Zawadzkie – Wielowieś – Pyskowice – Gliwice,
No. 426 Zawadzkie – Strzelce Op. – Olszowa – Zalesie Śl. – K. Koźle,
No. 463 Bierdzany – Ozimek – Zawadzkie.
The main communication routes are supplemented by district and commune roads. In the muncipality there are 7.2 km of district roads managed by the management board of the Strzelecki District, including:
No. 1803 Strzelecka Street in Żędowice, the Piotrówka-Żędowice route towards Barut – 2.7 km,
No. 1803 Wiosenna Street in Kielcza, Kielcza – border of the Silesian Voivodeship – 4.5 km.

The Municipality of Zawadzkie administrates commune roads with a length of 51.2 km, of which 20.8 km is located in the administrative area of ​​the town of Zawadzkie, and 30.4 km outside the town.