The dominant sector of the economy in the Zawadzkie Commune is industry, which is mainly concentrated in the town of Zawadzkie. Within the municipality there are also numerous service facilities, including: craft, commercial and gastronomic. The role of these micro-enterprises run mainly by natural persons in creating new jobs is significant.

Among the significant enterprises that have invested in the Zawadzkie Municipality (Alchemia S.A. Oddział Walcownia Rur Andrzej, BESTCAR Sp. z o.o., EUROTERM Sp. z o.o., GJH-KOŁO H. Janikowski Spółka Komandytowa, Inżbud Spółka z o. o., KAPICA Sp. zo.o. Sp. k., Kuźnia-Zawadzkie Sp. z o. o., Proma Sp. z o.o., Energo-Silesia Sp. z o.o., Track Tec KolTram Sp. z o.o., Unitube Sp. z o.o., Z&R Sp. z o.o., TNS Sp. z o.o., Ubojnia Drobiu Prus) it is worth to mention Unimot S.A., which we can find on the list of the largest companies in each province by capitalization on May 20, 2020 of the

Unimot is an independent importer of liquid and gaseous fuels, offering diesel oil, liquid gas, natural gas, biofuels and electricity.